Techo-Bloc Eva Series Patio Kit

Choosing the right color, texture, size, and shape of your patio stones has never been easier. Interlocking pavers offer countless pattern possibilities. Create intimate, functional outdoor areas with texture and character. Techo-Bloc’s patio pavers are inspired by you, and the spaces you want to create. The dimensions of this patio kit are based on the variables you enter.

THIS KIT INCLUDES ALL BASE MATERIAL NEEDED. Uncheck base material if you do NOT want them.



Eva Series

  • Paver Color *

  • Paver sq. ft. / Pallet *

  • Paver Layers / Pallet *

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Villagio Series

  • Border Color *

  • Border sq. ft. / Pallet *

  • Border Layers / Pallet *

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  • Calculate By *

    If your patio space is square or rectangular, choose either option. If your patio space is a compound or irregular shape, choose "Project Area".

  • Area (sq. ft.) *

    Min: 1

  • Perimeter (linear ft.) *

    Min: 1

  • Length (ft.) *

    Min: 1

  • Width (ft.) *

    Min: 1

  • Area (sq. ft.) *

  • Total Area (sq. ft.) *

  • Unsupported Edge Restraint Measurement (linear ft.) *

    Patio Unsupported Edge Drawing(Optional) If your patio is up against your home on one side, or against a wall (seating or retaining) or another permanent structure, please enter the number in the field. In this provided example, you will add up the linear ft. of the edge against the home (18 ft.) with linear ft. of the edge against the seating wall (12 ft. + 12 ft.) to make up the total linear ft. (18 ft. + 12 ft. + 12 ft. = 42 total linear ft.)

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  • Gator Maxx G2 Polymeric Sand Color *

    This is a material used to fill paver joints.

  • Gator Maxx G2 Polymeric Sand Bags *

  • Gator Maxx G2 Polymeric Sand *

  • This consists of lightweight panels that replace the need for the traditional base layers of crushed stone.

  • Gator Base Packs *

  • Gator Base *

  • This is used to reinforce soil structures.

  • Geotextile Fabric Rolls *

  • Geotextile Fabric *

  • This is used as a base for patio pavers helping create level surfaces and proper drainage.

  • C-33 Concrete Sand *

  • This is designed to contain the pavers and prevent them from shifting or spreading over time.

  • Snap Edging Kit Count *

  • Snap Edging Kit *

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  • Want To Schedule Your Delivery? *

  • Estimated Delivery Date *

    While we will do our best to deliver to you on or around this date, it is subject to change depending on material availability, scheduling conflicts or other delivery logistical issues. If the date needs to change, we will reach out to you directly.

  • Delivery Spot *

    (Optional) Our kits are normally delivered to a customer's driveway, unless otherwise requested. If you have a different spot you'd like it be dropped off at, please use this field to upload image(s) so we can guarantee our delivery price. If the delivery spot is too difficult for us to deliver to or will require an added fee, we will reach out to you directly.Max file size: 3 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

  • Number of Paver Layers *

  • Number of Border Layers *

  • Number of Pallets *

  • Markup *

  • Total Costs *

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Fast delivery
Product support
Certified installation available
Delivery information
  • All patio kits are charged a flat rate $150 per truckload. The amount of truckloads needed is calculated automatically based on project size and material volume needed.
  • We currently only deliver to the following zip codes: 29707, 29708 and 29175.
  • Click here for delivery instructions.


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Techo-Bloc Eva Series Patio Kit Techo-Bloc Eva Series Patio Kit
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Create that perfectly inspired, dreamlike exterior space with Techo-Bloc paving stones. Our outdoor living spaces have become just as important as the indoors, if not more. So, building a space that’s both intimate and functional is key. Choosing a backyard paver that highlights your space’s natural ambiance and beauty is easy with Techo-Bloc’s vast selection of patio pavers.